Practice Makes Process

My blog comments promise only incidentally, to be about writing.  “How to” or “Why” and certainly not ever, “Why aren’t you?” don’t really interest me. What interests me is “process” and how to recognize it in our daily lives and mine it for our creativity.

For example, I spent the better part of my career as an actress. But way before that, when I was a girl, my parents raced greyhounds for a living so I grew up in the backseat of a car going from dog track to dog track through the 40s and 50s all across America.  Then, when I landed in New York I was one of those nicely fortunate actors who didn’t have to take another job.  I had been on Broadway, off-Broadway, I lived on a houseboat off City Island in the Bronx for five years, (don’t ask) then moved back to Manhattan on the upper West Side. During these years I worked on television and radio.  I gave dinner parties. My boys went to school… grew up.  I had been a wife, (twice,) a mother, (twice,) I had divorced (twice,).  Made a little money, then didn’t, then did.  I moved to Los Angeles just in time to watch the acting jobs thin out under me.  But I had, and was living this big far flung life. Writing was how I could see what I was thinking—on paper.

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