Just what were you thinking?

Try this:

What did you think about today?  Not necessarily what you did, but what you thought about.

Today I thought about that mouse that  turned and disappeared behind the pasta when I opened the small food cabinet next to the stove.  And then I thought, well, how lame are you? You have been hearing scrabbling noises from that cabinet late at night and have even opened it, looked around and figured you were dreaming. Or thought it was the rain.

Then I thought about the back patio and that I should sweep off the clippings all sodden from the rain, but decided to leave it till tomorrow when the gardeners come. And I thought about having to remember to buy some new chew things for Ruby because I’m out of them. I thought about the blizzard in Manhattan and how glad I am that I’m not there but on the other hand, that feeling of waking up in the morning to complete soft silence in a big city is unequalled and is the same feeling when you find yourself deep in the middle of big forest.

I thought about seeing True Grit yesterday and how the character Jeff Bridges played is like some of the men I grew up with. They never stopped thinking they had a load of stories to tell. When the Armenian exterminator named Joe came, I thought a lot more about the mice and then also had to think about the nest of black widow spiders he found in the library. I thought about class tonight wondering who would show up and what I could offer them.

Other things I thought about:

The rain, when to take down my Xmas tree, changing the filters on my heat vents, getting two more eyebrow pencils from Macy’s, eating more fruit, checking out the NY blizzard again on the news, West End Avenue, Brendan’s Christmas dinner and did the roast turn out great, Michael in Dublin, taxes, money and how to get some more.