Where is your project? Beginning? Halfway? Almost there?

I will take you to your next draft in fiction, nonfiction, or screenwriting by tracking the story, revealing themes, examining sequence. I will help you review your character’s behavior, motives, intentions and desires so that he/she comes from an authentic place. Together, we will simplify.

Thirty pages will get a free consultation. If I connect with the intention and tone of the material and if we connect with each other, we can take the next steps. If the project is not for me, I will recommend a professional colleague.

Your book, your stories, your play or your screenplay

Are you seeing double? Are all the words looking the same? Have you read and reread until it all sounds ordinary?

Let me read your manuscript and give you thorough notes on structure. I will track your story, flagging where I fall out or what is unclear to me so that together we can fix what’s not working. I want to ensure that what you intended is on the page with authenticity and economy.