A week-end in a landscape at once foreign and at the same time familiar

These desert conversations are retreats where writing is actively practiced as the way into a wider discussion about creativity and how it works in our daily lives. The small groups are made up of people from a variety of careers. Immersed for a weekend in writing, reading, and guided conversations, the expanse and quiet of the desert makes space for thinking without pressure. Each retreat is shared with an artist from another discipline. Bob Miller, a light artist with installations in San Francisco’s Exploratorium showed us how to look at light and shadow in the natural world. On another trip, painter Gregg Chadwick, joined us to talk about process in his painting. You can see his work at:

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Upcoming retreats to be announced. Check back in.

“Having never written I began this class as a lark to see if I might have a voice or a style of my own. Now, a year and a half later, I am writing query letters and beginning to submit some of my own work!”

–Tess Harper
(Television, Film and Stage actress)